Music and Cultural Immersion

Music has evolved along with mankind and its civilisations. Ancient cultures like China and India have a very long history of civilisation and thus their music is extremely intricate and complex. If you are able to learn something about the musical performers, traditions, styles, instruments, and even upcoming events in your target destination before you arrive, then you will hit the ground running. Wherever the place and whatever the style, the variety, richness, and universality of music provides a ready-made avenue through which to deepen your understanding and enjoyment of a culture.

Search the Internet, pick up a newspaper or city guide, and consult with us to see if any concerts or other musical performances will coincide with your stay. Once you arrive at your destination, make it a point to ask around and find out about upcoming local music events. It is often the smaller informal gatherings that provide the best opportunity to explore other cultures and experience music the way it was meant to be heard. And if you are interested in making music yourself, you may wish to explore the local music traditions by taking a lesson or even enrolling in a class during your stay.

Locals are often very curious about foreign guests visiting their countries and it is quite likely that if you are willing to share your music with them, they in turn will open up in their own way towards you. Sharing one’s music in such a personal way often brings out a warmth and curiosity in people unlike any other. In large part, music is not bound by any particular language, which makes it a terrific way to connect with someone whom you otherwise might not even have met, thereby giving you exposure to the culture at a deeper level than being an ordinary tourist.

Daniel Ratheiser, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Knowledge Must

Founding Knowledge Must, Daniel has helped individuals and organisations to cross cultural boundaries and to grow their global competence. He also conducted numerous research studies in the intercultural field, from historical cultural exchange to contemporary interfaith relations. His real passion, however, has always been researching and writing about the cultural relations between South Asia / India and East Asia / China.

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Opportunity for Casting Calls and Auditions in the Entertainment World

In a highly competitive world, it is more difficult and often frustrating getting your foot in the door and be noticed by directors as the competition can be fierce. Signing up at an entertainment agency is often the ideal way to have a jumpstart above other aspirant actors and entertainers to be called upon for casting calls and auditions.

Waiting to be discovered by a talent scout may prove to be a fatal mistake and your best bet would be to get as much information about yourself out there and attend as many casting calls auditions as possible. Many sites online offer open casting call auditions and may just be your chance for fame. Reality TV lists their casting calls and auditions well in advance especially for the old favourite programs and you will be wise to keep updated about their network web sites. Musicians will also gain by searching casting call auditions as bands also advertise their needed players and performers and dates, cities and jobs are listed. Aspirants can in all fields of entertainment make their big break with their skill and it is not necessary to list on an expensive casting agency as many will offer you free listing and application. Always be as comprehensive as possible to advertise yourself as well as possible.

Auditions, for example the American Idol Auditions, have all the audition schedules, city guides and news listed well in advance. If you would like to appear on some of the other favourite reality shows like Supernanny, Extreme Makeover, The Scholar, America’s Most Embarrassing Parents and many more, you can visit ABC Casting on their website and all the requirements are laid out for the hopefuls. NBC Casting Call Information is the site for open casting call auditions for the extremely popular programs such as The Apprentice, Fear Factor, Nashville Star and other top reality TV shows as well as new upcoming reality TV shows.

If you are a newcomer to the entertainment world your best solution will be to visit Reality TV World where all upcoming shows of different networks are listed. You already know which field of entertainment you want to enter, whether it is singing, acting, dancing, modelling or more. It is such a diverse field and you may want to become and actor in TV, theatre or film, but will have to do commercials to start off your career. Even radio spots are advertised for applicants wanting a career in radio and the possibilities are endless for the right candidates. Have a comprehensive portfolio and good pictures of you, examples of your achievements and talent and keep confidence in yourself. Aspirant entertainers do not even require a specific look or need to be exceptionally good looking as different fields and different roles demand all types of characters.

Believing in yourself and having the confidence to put your talent on the line and be accepted for casting call auditions